CMPS 120 Computer Skills and Concepts
Catalog Description
CMPS 120 Computer Skills (5 units)
This course covers computer skills and concepts essential to success at a university. Specific applications are the Microsoft Office Suite of tools: Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access. The course material is based on Windows XP and Microsoft Office 2003. Each week lecture meets for 250 minutes. Prerequisite: none.
Units and Contact Hours
5 quarter units. 5 units lecture (250 minutes).
Service Course
Required Textbook
None - all material is online.
Recommended Textbook and Other Supplemental Materials
Donna Meyers
Student Learning Outcomes
This course covers the following student learning outcomes:

Basic computer literacy.

Outcome Coverage
This course maps to the following performance indicators for Computer Literacy:

Ability to use a word processor at an intermediate level
Create a document using spell-check, find and replace, tabs, outlines, footnotes, columns and graphics
Ability to analyze a problem and produce a spreadsheet with corresponding charts
Create a spreadsheet to compute average, interest rates and IF functions, create pie and bar charts
Ability to create a slide presentation
Understand basic layouts and use of graphics
Ability to create a simple relational database
Understand tables, relations, and queries

Lecture Topics and Rough Schedule
Week 1 Unit 1 Basic Work Processing & Email
Week 2 Unit 2 Intermediate Word Processing
Week 3 Unit 3 Graphics & Desktop Publishing
Week 4 Unit 4 Introduction to Spreadsheets
Week 5 Unit 5 Excel Functions & Database Features
Week 6 Unit 6 Excel Charts
Week 7 Unit 7 Creating PowerPoint Presentations
Week 8 Unit 8 Introduction to DBMS Concepts
Week 9 Unit 9 Creating Table Relationships in Access

Grading Policy
                                    A   90%
    10 HW/Labs...70%                B   80%
                                    C   70%
    Final Exam...30%                D   60%
                                    D-  50%
                                    F  below 50% 
Estimated Category Content
Basic Computer Literacy: 5 Credit Hours
Prepared By
Donna Meyers on June 1, 2014
Approved by CEE/CS Department on June 1, 2014.
Effective Fall 2014