CMPS 150 Introduction to Unix
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CMPS 150 Introduction to Unix (1)
Basic Unix commands and programming utilities will be introduced. Students will learn how to use email, a text editor, and manage files and directories. This course is designed for students who have no experience with Unix. Computer Science majors are encouraged to take CMPS 215 in place of this course, if possible.
Prerequisites by Topic
Units and Contact Time
1 quarter unit. 1 unit lecture (50 minutes).
Required for CS, CE, EE
Required Textbook
Recommended Textbook and Other Supplemental Materials
Linux Pocket Guide, Second Edition. Daniel J. Barrett. O'Reilly Media, 2012. ISBN 978-1449316693.
This is a good quick reference book for Unix/Linux commands. There are also several websites with similar materials.
Melissa Danforth
Student Learning Outcomes
By the end of this course, students will be able to:
ABET Outcome Coverage
Not applicable to this course
Lecture Topics and Rough Schedule
Lab 1 Logging in, basic commands, creating a file, sending email
Lab 2 Directory commands, file permissions, compiling programs, process control
Lab 3 (optional) Intermediate usage - More vi commands, shell meta-characters, grep, scp, tar
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Melissa Danforth on July 10, 2014
Approved by CEE/CS Department on [date]
Effective Fall 2014