CMPS 3680 Web Programming II
Catalog Description
CMPS 3680 Web Programming II (3 units)
Prerequisite: None.
Units and Contact Hours
3 semester units. 3 units lecture.
Elective for Computer Information Systems
Required Textbook
None. All material is online.
Recommended Textbook and Other Supplemental Materials
Donna Meyers
Student Learning Outcomes
This course covers the following student learning outcomes:

Fundamental server-side scripting languages.
An introduction to a client-server database system.
An introduction to SQL.

Lecture Topics and Rough Schedule
week 01 Javascript form validation
week 02 Introduction to PHP with HTML forms
week 03 PHP data structures
week 04 control structures: loops and if-else
week 05 process arrays from HTML form submit
week 06 external file I/O
week 07 arithmetic, boolean & relational operators
week 08 reading parsing external files
week 09 PHP file upload, MIME types & email
week 10 PHP functions and server-side includes
week 11 Introduction to PHP/MySQL
week 12 MySQL table creation
week 13 PHP/MySQL sorts and filters
week 14 PHP/MySQL update and delete table modification
week 15 query language syntax

Grading Policy
                                 A   93%
                                  A-  90%
    10 HW/Labs......20%           B+  87%
     1 Midterm......40%           B   83%
    Final Project...40%           B-  80%
                                  C+  77%
                                  C   70%
                                  C-  65%
                                  D+  60%
                                  D   50%
                                  D-  40%
                                  F  below 40% 
Prepared By
Donna Meyers on June 15, 2014
Approved by CEE/CS Department on June 15, 2014.
Effective Fall 2014