CMPS 4770 Special Topics
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CMPS 4770 Special Topics (1-3)
This course will be used to supplement other courses with additional work at a more advanced level. Course is repeatable, but only a combined total of 4 units of CMPS 377x, 477x, and 48xx may be used for elective credit towards the major requirements. Prerequisite: CMPS 2020 or permission of the instructor
Prerequisites by Topic
Knowledge of a high-level programming language
Data structures and introductory algorithms
Units and Contact Time
1 to 3 semester units of lecture, depending on offering. Each semester unit is equal to 50 minutes of lecture.
Elective for CS
Required Textbook
To be determined at course offering.
Recommended Textbook and Other Supplemental Materials
Melissa Danforth
Student Learning Outcomes
To be determined at course offering.
ABET Outcome Coverage
Not applicable to this course.
Lecture Topics and Rough Schedule
To be determined at course offering.
Design Content Description
Not applicable to this course.
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Melissa Danforth on 31 July 2014
Approved by CEE/CS Department on [date]
Effective Fall 2016