ECE 4860 Internship
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ECE 4860 Internship (1-4)
Internships may be arranged by the department with various agencies, businesses, or industries. The assignments and coordination of work projects with conferences and reading, as well as course credits, evaluation, and grading are the responsibility of the faculty liaison (or course instructor), working with the field supervisor. Offered on a Credit/No-Credit basis only. The department will determine the number of credit units offered. Course is repeatable, but only a combined total of 4 units of ECE 377x, 477x, and 48xx may be used for elective credit towards the major requirements. Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor
Prerequisites by Topic
Ability to perform internship duties as outlined by the field supervisor
Units and Contact Time
1 to 4 semester units.
Elective for CE, EE
Required Textbook
To be determined at course offering.
Recommended Textbook and Other Supplemental Materials
Melissa Danforth
Student Learning Outcomes
To be determined at course offering.
ABET Outcome Coverage
Not applicable to this course.
Rough Schedule
To be determined at course offering.
Design Content Description
Not applicable to this course.
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Melissa Danforth on 31 July 2014
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Effective Fall 2016