CEE/CS 2019-20 Virtual Senior Design Expo

The gallery below depicts the final projects made by our graduating seniors under the supervision of faculty. It takes tremendous effort, endurance, and collaboration to successfully complete a senior project, and we want to ensure our students' hard work is recognized and celebrated. Hover or tap on each project for a description and link to materials. To all of our graduating seniors, congratulations!

CMPS Projects

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Campus Data For Geo-Location Based Augmented Reality
Interactive and Multi-Level Campus Navigation
Campus Carpool Application using Geolocation
Web Crawling and Community Review to Prevent Misleading Links
Interactive Reservations for Restaurants
Application to Facilitate Requesting Small Car Jobs From Nearby Workshops
Location-based Delivery of Information using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Beacons
Augmented Reality Note Taking Application
3D Tracking Simulation of Orbiting Satellites
Parking Analysis via Image Processing
Augmented Reality Escape Room
Underground Injection Control Review Process Based On Blockchain Technology
Cross-platform Mobile Application for Scanning and Tracking Supplement Ingredient Labels
Trip Registration and Innovated Limited-Space Event Scheduling
Application of Voxel-based Physics Across a Multi-user Network
Restaurant Monitoring Service using Computer Vision
Type-Teaching System for Beginning Programmers

ECE Projects

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Data Acquisition Marine Vehicle
LED Electronic Aerial Flare
Thermal Imaging on Drones for Search and Rescue
Smart Home using Voice Control
Voice Operated Wheelchair