Computer and Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Department 2017 Commencement

COVID-19 Information
The latest information from the campus about COVID-19 can be found at Students should check in with the instructors for each of their courses about the delivery methods being used for their courses. Students are still expected to complete the work assigned to them by their instructors to complete the courses. posted mar 2020
Updated Two Year Rotation and Draft Fall 2020 Schedule
The updated two year rotation is at two_year_rotation.pdf (revised on March 24, 2020 to fix the term labels) and the draft Fall 2020 schedule is at fall2020_draft.pdf. Note that the courses offered and the times of the courses may change. Changes will be announced on this website. posted mar 2020
NAVAIR Information Session
NAVAIR will be holding an information session on Thursday March 5th from 4:00-5:30pm in Science III 123 on their New Professional Program for engineering and scientist development. NAVAIR has hired graduates from all three of our programs in the past, so we strongly encourage students to attend. Go to the CECE office or search Handshake for "navair" to get more details on the information session. posted feb 2020
Spring 2020 Schedule Changes
The following changes have been made to the Spring 2020 schedule in response to enrollments. If you have any issues with your schedule as a result of these changes, please contact a staff or faculty advisor.

Cancelled courses due to low enrollment:
  • CMPS 2010 sections 3 & 4 (MWF 8:00am) have been cancelled. There are still seats available in CMPS 2010 section 5 & 6.
  • CMPS 3500 sections 3 & 4 have been cancelled. There are still seats available in CMPS 3500 section 1 & 2.
Modified courses:
  • CMPS 2120 sections 1 & 2 have been rescheduled to Mo 8:30-11:00am for lecture and We 8:30-11:00am for lab.
  • CMPS 2240 sections 1 & 2 have been rescheduled to MW 5:30-6:45pm for lecture and MW 7:00-8:15pm for lab.
  • CMPS 3500 sections 1 & 2 have been rescheduled to Tu 7:00-8:40pm for lecture and Fr 6:00-8:30pm for lab.
  • CMPS 3680 sections 1 & 2 have been rescheduled to MW 2:30-3:20pm for lecture and Th 1:00-3:30pm for lab.
New sections added due to waitlist demands:
  • CMPS 2020 - The new section meets MWF 8:00-8:50am for lecture and Th 7:20-9:50am for lab.
  • CMPS 2120 - The new section meets Tu 1:00-3:30pm for lecture and Fr 1:00-3:30pm for lab.
  • CMPS 3140 - The new section meets Fr 10:00-11:40am for lecture and Fr 1:00-3:30pm for lab.
  • CMPS 3620 - The new section meets TuTh 4:00-5:15pm for lecture and Fr 4:00-6:30pm for lab.
  • ECE 3230 - A new lab section has been added on Mo 1:00-3:30pm and is associated with the existing lecture section.
posted jan 2020
Planned Power Outage
UPDATE 7:20pm 12/26: The campus planned power outage is now over and the department servers should be available again.

The campus has a planned power outage that will affect the availability of the CEE/CS Department servers. This website, Odin, Sleipnir, and all of the other department servers will be shut down mid-day on Christmas, December 25th. The systems will be down until campus restores power, which is planned for the evening of December 26th, but might also take until the morning of December 27th. posted dec 2019
Interest Survey for the Proposed MS Computer Science Program
The department is currently working on a proposal for a Master's of Science degree in Computer Science through Extended Education. As part of the proposal process, we would like feedback from students, alumni, and others interested in the program. If you are interested in providing feedback, the survey link is posted oct 2019
NAVAIR On-Campus Interviews
NAVAIR will be holding on-campus interviews on Friday October 11th for their engineering and scientist development program. NAVAIR has hired graduates from all three of our programs in the past. Interested students can attend an information session on Thursday October 10th from 4:00 to 6:00pm. Go to the CECE office or search Handshake for "navair" to get more details on the information session and on-campus interviews. posted sep 2019
Updated Two Year Rotation
The updated two year rotation of courses has been posted. Changes of note are as follows:
  • A section of CMPS 3640 Parallel and Distributed Computation has been added to Spring 2020 due to the high waitlist for the course in Fall 2019.
  • ECE 3320 Fields and Waves has been moved from Fall 2019 to Spring 2020. If you were enrolled in Fall 2019 and you plan to take the course in Spring 2020, email Melissa Danforth to reserve a seat in the course.
  • ECE 4220 and 4260 have been canceled due the resignation of a faculty member.
  • ECE 4770+4771 Special Topics has been added to Spring 2020 to give a 4000-level elective for Computer Engineering students and for Electrical Engineering students who have not taken ECE 3370.
posted sep 2019
59DaysOfCode Competition
59DaysOfCode Kern County is a two-month coding competition that kicks off in the first week of September and wraps up in November. More information can be found at and in the flyer. posted sep 2019
Department End of the Year Party
The department end of the year party will be at 4:00pm on Friday May 10th in the CEE/CS Tutoring Center (Sci III 324). There will be pizza, snacks, and drinks. The department will also give out awards, such as the "Crowd Favorite" CS project and ECE project from Senior Design Expo. posted may 2019
SWE Senior Design Expo
The annual SWE Senior Design Expo will be Wednesday April 24th at the SRC Solario. There will be a panel discussion with local engineers from 1:30-3:00pm and a poster session with the senior project teams from 3:00-4:30pm. This is a great event to see the wonderful projects being created by CS, ECE, and ENGR students. Everyone is welcome to attend. posted apr 2019
Senior Project Registration Issue
There is a known prereq error on myCSUB when signing up for Senior Project I (CMPS 4910 or ECE 4910). If you will have completed 12 upper-division major units by the end of Summer 2019, but you get a prereq error registering for Senior Project, drop an add slip off at Erika's office (Sci III 317) AFTER your registration day/time on myCSUB and we will process the add manually.

Also, the department does not run a "trailing" sequence of CMPS 4910 or ECE 4910 in Spring. If you plan to graduate in Spring 2020, Summer 2020, or Fall 2020, you need to sign up for Senior Project I in Fall 2019. If you will not have 12 upper-division major units completed by the end of Summer 2019, you are eligible for a prerequisite override into Senior Project I. Attach an advising checklist to your add slip that shows a projected graduation term of Spring, Summer, or Fall 2020 before turning the add slip in to Erika's office. posted apr 2019
Updated Two Year Rotation
An updated two year rotation of courses has been posted at two_year_rotation.pdf. Additional sections planned for 2019/20 in response to waitlists in 2018/19 are noted in the rotation. posted apr 2019
KIE CS & Engineering Ethics Talk
March 7th, 5:30pm CSUB Stockdale Room - Dr. Loui will discuss Professional Responsibility and the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning.Flyer posted feb 2019
Aera Engineering Mixer
Monday, March 25, 5:30 pm at Aera Energy LLC
Join us for an evening full of appetizers, networking, and mentorship with the opportunity to learn from CSUB alum who have made our industry their career. Please RSVP to Flyer posted feb 2019
BC Hackathon
April 4 through 6, BC. Health & Social Justice theme. Registration opens in early March. Registration deadline is April 2. More information at link. posted feb 2019
ITS Ideathon
Do you have an idea? Have you ever wanted an app to make your college experience better? Build an app for your campus? Be part of the CSUB Ideathon 2019! On March 22nd - 23rd, we will give you access to the CSUB Mobile platform to create an app and have a chance to win some cash prizes. No coding required! Work alongside your peers at this fun and challenging event to create solutions to make a change at CSUB. Link posted feb 2019
CalBio Discussion
Tuesday, March 5th California Bioenergy (CalBio) is hosting a public meeting/discussion of digester projects, environmental impact, local economic development, and engineering job opportunities. That will be held in the Dezember Leadership Development Center Room 402D from 4-6pm. Flyer posted feb 2019
Aerospace Panel Discussion
Friday, March 1st, 12pm-2:30pm, SciIII Rm 108 is an aerospace panel discussion hosted by BPA. There will be panelists who will address aerospace engineering. Topics include:
  How do aspiring CSUB entrepreneurs connect with mentors, resources, partners, and customers in the Aerospace business?
  How do CSUB students who aren't ready to start a business yet pursue internships and job opportunities with firms in the Aerospace business?
Flyer posted feb 2019
Computer Science Research Talks
The CEE/CS Department is currently searching for two new CS faculty positions to begin in Fall 2019. Candidates for those positions will be giving research talks on most Mondays and Fridays through early March.

Research talks will be at 3:15pm and informal discussions with the candidates will be at 4:00pm, both in Science III 328, on the following days:

  • Friday February 8th: Internet of Vehicular Cyber-Physical Systems
  • Monday February 11th: Virtual Reality Accessibility
  • Friday February 15th: Character Animation in Cross-Reality Systems
  • Monday February 18th: Estimating the Physical Location a Tweet was Sent From
  • Monday February 25th: Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Friday March 1st: Microscopy Imaging
  • Monday March 4th: Canceled
  • Wednesday March 6th: Cybersecurity of Cloud and Mobile Computing

Students are strongly encouraged to attend the research talks and/or to come talk with the candidates after the research talk. posted feb 2019
IEEE Spring Kick Off Meeting
The IEEE Student Branch will be hosting a Spring Kick Off Meeting on Monday, February 11 at 6-7PM in SCI 3, Rm 324! This is the perfect time to network with your fellow club members and to learn what this Student Branch has to offer. Flyer posted feb 2019
Startup Weekend | CSU Bakersfield
Techstars Startup Weekend is the place to look for a team, create a prototype of your idea, validate your business idea, and receive feedback from experienced entrepreneurs, all in one weekend, 5pm on Nov 9-11. The idea you pitch and the problem you set out to solve can span social, educational, financial, environmental, or other issues. Over the course of the weekend you'll be challenged to create a prototype of your MVP, or minimum viable product, that fits the needs of your target customer. More information and registration can be found here, register here posted oct 2018
Mechanism to the Mind: An XR Hackathon
Mechanism to the Mind: An XR Hackathon is a 48-hour event from 6 pm on October 26th to 6 pm on October 28th, during which teams of students and faculty from the CSU system will have a chance to create an XR project and interact with distinguished guests from the XR community. Each guest will give a workshop or presentation exploring their ideas on how the body interfaces with new concepts of reality, and how these mechanics change our perception of ourselves and the world. "XR" stands for cross reality, and is an all-encompassing term that includes virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR), 360 video, and other immersive projects. can be found More information and registration here. Space is limited. Flyer posted oct 2018
Computer and Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Club
Today, Mon Oct 1, in from Rm 313 10am - 1pm our club will be hosting a workshop for the Raspberry Pi. posted oct 2018
IEEE Student Workshop Series
This Fall 2018 semester, the IEEE Student Branch at CSUB is hosting a series of workshops that range from using the soldering iron to using microcomputers. Monday, September 24 10am-2pm Sci III Rm 313, will be the first session of the series that will cover the basics of an Arduino micro-controller (flyer). For any questions, contact Doney Peters ( or for more details, visit IEEE Fall Schedule posted sept 2018
ABET Accreditation
CSUB received prestigious ABET accreditation for 3 Engineering Programs: Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Engineering Sciences. Read more here posted aug 2018
New Department Server
We are in the process of changing over to a new department server, Odin, for the Fall 2018 term. Some services may have intermittent issues during the transition. If you notice any persistent issues, please let Steve Garcia know.

Existing students without an Odin account can see Steve to get an Odin account. Students are responsible for transferring their own files over from Sleipnir to Odin. posted aug 2018
Updated Two Year Rotation
An updated two year rotation of CMPS and ECE courses has been posted at  two_year_rotation.pdf. posted aug 2018
Fall 2018 Schedule Changes
Several schedule changes have been made to Fall 2018, particularly for the CMPS courses. The following is a summary of the changes (this list will be updated throughout the summer as changes occur):

  • CMPS 2240: One section has been cancelled due to low enrollment. The 10:00am section is now the only available section for Fall.
  • CMPS 3600: A new section has been added on MW 2:30-3:45pm and Th 1:00-3:30pm.
  • CMPS 3620: The time has been changed to MW 4:00-5:15pm and Tu 4:00-6:30pm. This causes a time conflict with CMPS 3500. Both courses will be offered in Spring 2019, so anyone who wanted to take both this year will need to choose one for Fall and take the other in Spring.
  • CMPS 3650: This course has been cancelled due to low enrollment.
  • ECE 4380+4381: The course times have been determined. The lab will meet Tuesdays 4:00-6:30pm and the lecture will meet Fridays 10:00am-12:30pm.
Students enrolled in these courses have been sent further details to their email address. If you need assistance adjusting your schedule, please email your faculty advisor in the department or your staff advisor at the NSME Student Center. posted jul 2018