Server Build

Client Build


  1. 1. Download both the Server and Client provided on the left. (If not running server, skip to step 4)
  2. 2. Navigate through the server files and run server.exe.
  3. 3. Specify port to your port. Specify other parameters to your likings:
          - Specify time (in seconds) that the player cannot shoot.
          - Specify time (in minutes) that the server will run for before resetting.
  4. 4. Click Start Server.
  5. 5. Navigate through the client files and run client.exe.
  6. 6. Specify IP:
          - If server is running on the local computer, input localhost
          - If server is not running on the local computer, the host domain name or IP address
  7. 7. Specify port to the port inputted in step 3 or the Port of the server you wish to join.
  8. 8. Click Start Client.
  9. 9. Play!

For guidance on port forwarding click here.
This allows users outside your network to connect and play in the same server