Computer and Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Science Building III Computer Facilities

Network Infrastructure

The Computer and Electrical Engineering and Computer Science department on the third floor of Science III is connected to the campus network over redundant gigabit fiber optic connections. All internal machines (faculty workstations, and lab computers) are connected to gigabit switches in the computer science department's machine room. All critical servers are connected via a gigabit switch and protected by UPSs and housed in a secure machine room.

Robotics and Advanced Hardware Lab: Sci III 312

The robotics lab is managed by Dr. Wei Li. We have an impressive array of robotic and instrumentation equipment for our computer engineering program. For photos see this page. For videos, see this page. Most recently, Dr. Li held a Summer Robotics Workshop for local high school students in this lab.

Server Room: Sci III 335

All machines and equipment for the department are housed in the Server Room. The primary server for the department is a Dell Poweredge 6950 server (sleipner). Sleipnir has 4 dual core 3GHz Opteron processors, 64GB RAM and approximately 3 TB of storage, and is running Debian Linux. A wide range of compilers (C, C++, Fortran, Ada, Java, etc.) and the full suite of Unix programming development tools (debuggers, make, etc.) are available on both servers. Students taking 200-level programming courses programming courses are instructed in the Unix environment on sleipnir. Courses that utilize the Java development environment are also taught on sleipnir. Sleipnir serves as the department's primary name server, as well as the department's email and http server.

Two Dell Poweredge R515 servers (delphi and artemis) have been added to be servers for the database class. Both servers host an Oracle instance as well as MySQL and PostgreSQL instances, and are running Scientific Linux 6 (a Red Hat variation.) They have two 6 core 1.7GHz Opteron processors 16GB RAM and 500GB storage.

Cybersecurity Lab: Sci III 314

This lab is managed by Dr. Melissa Danforth and used for faculty research projects in cybersecurity and for advanced networking courses. It is also used for summer outreach in cybersecurity for local high school students.

Power Systems Lab: EC 201

This lab is managed by Dr. Saeed Jafarzadeh. It is used for research and coursework in power systems. It currently contains multiple LabVolt power training systems purchased through grant funding.

Digital Communications and DSP Lab: Sci III 309

This lab is managed by Dr. Vida Vakilian. It is used for research in digital and wireless communications, as well as courses in communications and digital signal processing. It is equiped with signal generators and analyzers, NI Elvis II systems, scopes, function generators, and software defined radios. This lab is also used for engineering outreach for high school students during the summer.

AI and Visualization Lab: Sci III 328

This lab is managed by Dr. Albert Cruz. It is used for research and advanced coursework in AI, computer vision, and image processing. It is equiped with high-definition digital cameras and PCs.

State Farm Advanced Computing Lab: Sci III 315

The equipment in this lab was purchased through a donation by State Farm. The advanced workstations are designed for state-of-the-art computational and graphical usage. The lab is optimized for graphics, with 30" flat panel monitors capable of a resolution of 2560x1600.

Digital Electronics Lab: Sci III 313

The Digital Electronics Lab has DELL PCs and NI Elvis II electronic bread boards. This lab is used to teach digital circuitry, analog circuitry, and VHDL courses.

Unix Workstation Lab: Sci III 311

The lab in room 311 houses 35 Dell T5400 PCs running Linux. A Windows XP VMWare image is accessible via VMPlayer and is loaded with computer science specific software (MatLab, LabView, Simulink, OpenGL, and MSDN Software Engineering packages, SQL Server). All machines are optimized for graphics work, with 22" flat panel monitors. Room 311 is equipped with an overhead projector and projection screen for data, video, DVD, and VHS. This room is also optimized for Java platform development and is used for summer outreach in Java for local high school students.

Tutoring Center and Walk-In Lab: Sci III 324

Room 324 houses DELL 3400s. The software installed in the Unix Workstation Lab is also installed in this lab. Wireless access to the campus network from this lab is avaialable. Room 324 is open for walk-in computer science students and also serves as the tutoring area. The department offers free tutoring for students in all 200-level courses. Exact hours vary from quarter to quarter. For the current schedule see the posted tutoring schedule on the department web page.

Major Study Room and Library: Sci III 341

The major study lounge and library holds recent and current copies of computer science, computer engineering, and electrical engineering texts, magazines and journals. The library is also filled with a generous donation of computing books from the Linux Users Group of Davis (LUGoD).

PC Instruction Lab: Sci III 240

Room 240 is used for instruction and shared by computer science and mathematics. There are 35 Dell T3400s running native Linux and a VMWare image of Windows XP in this lab. All machines have 22" widescreen monitors. Room 240 is equipped with an overhead projector and projection screen for data, video and DVD.